Facts and Answers

We compiled a list of questions from our students and thought we would share our answers.

Q: Can I really take music lessons or am I too old? How about my kid? Is she too young? 
A: Music knows no barrier of age, and neither do we. Our students range in age from 4 to 76! After all, why should the kids have all the fun? 

Q: Do I need an instrument – piano or keyboard, drums, guitar – at home?
A: We prefer it if students have an instrument at home so they can practice what they have learnt here with us. After all, “you don’t have to practice everyday….only on the days you eat”. If you are unable to purchase your own instrument, we welcome you to practice at the school based on instrument and practice room availability. We are also happy to recommend stores and brands for your instrument purchase when you are ready. 

For piano students, we encourage you to have a digital keyboard or acoustic piano to practice on.  Keyboards for beginners should be either 61 or 76 keys, while more advanced students should have an 88 weighted keys/keyboard. 

For guitar students, we recommend you to have a full size acoustic or electric guitar. 

For drum students, we recommend starting off with a practice pad and drumsticks that can be picked up for less than $30 at your local music store.  You can eventually progress to a full kit when you are ready.

 Q: Can I become a rock star over night?
A: I heard Madonna say that “she focused on becoming a great vocalist” instead of chasing rock stardom.  Your star will rise when it is time. Just be ready when it is time. Becoming great at what you do involves practice, practice and some more practice.

Q: What should I bring to my lessons each week?
A: When you first join you will be given a journal and homework folder by your teacher.  Please bring this with you always as your teacher will write all of your assignments for the week. Guitar students should bring their guitars with them, but we provide piano and drum students with instruments for lessons. 

Q: Is it ok for me to observe while my child is taking lessons?
A: Yes, all of our practice rooms have windows so parents can peek in, but please refrain from disturbing them as we want our students to concentrate on their teacher and lessons. 

Q: Can I change my lesson schedule if needed?
A: Yes, you can change your regularly scheduled lesson at any time, depending on the teacher’s availability. 

Q: How long is each lesson?
A: All our lessons are weekly 30-minute private lessons.

Q: Can I take more than one class?
A: Absolutely, you may take more than one class. Each additional class is 10% off.

Q: Can I switch instruments?
A:  We encourage you to give time to your chosen instrument. Of course an instrument may not suit you, and if that is the case, we will assist you with making the appropriate switch. We require a 30 day notice given to the front office.

Q: Can I start music lessons in the middle of the month?
A: Yes, we have an open enrollment policy.  If you start mid-month you will be charged per class at a prorated rate of $35.

Q: Do you offer music lessons at students homes?
A: No, we do not.

Facts and Answers

We compiled a list of questions from our students and thought we would share our answers.